Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Third Chapter Book

There was a third chapter book that I couldn't remember last time I posted, which obviously means that I'm just reading too much right now. And, by the way, because I was reading too much, I got to attend SE MN's first Camp Read-A-Lot. Or maybe it was the other way around... And, hey! I think they copied on my name. What's that about! Anyway, the third book:

by Laurie Halse Anderson
ISBN: 1416905855

Let me set up the story. Isabel is a slave in the south at a time when America is talking about revolution against England. Her father was sold, her mother is dead, and she's left to take care of her little sister who is afflicted with epilepsy. Luckily, their owner happens to be a nice elderly lady who treats them as her own grandchildren, teaches them to read and write, and has written in her will that they are to be freed. And then, their owner passes away. The lawyer is not in town to corroborate Isabel's story, and they are taken away by a not so pleasant relative and sold immediately to a not so pleasant family of husband and wife on their way back to New York City. Her new master is a Loyalist, against the revolution planned by the Tories. And Isabel is asked to spy for the Tories. Should she do it? Which is worse, to be beat by her master, or to get caught spying against him? How can she protect her sister from the harsh life of a slave? Will this great man called George Washington protect her? What will happen when the war breaks out?

Read the book. Find out what happens...

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